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Paddington Basin and Subway Paintings

Stephen Carter

By 2012 my wanderings were taking me to areas close to Paddington Station, such as the newly redeveloped Paddington Basin and to Edgware Road. The pedestrian underpass at Edgware Road had recently been given a name to recall the Clash singer – Joe Strummer. This was part of an attempt to humanise an otherwise alienated non-place (e.g. ‘Edgware Road Underpass South’) Over the period of me tramping round this area, I have witnessed its reclamation followed pretty rapidly by its decline. In a similar but distinct manner I was able to represent these urban spaces with their absence from natural light almost as if they were landscapes or at least works that relate to the landscape traditions of painting. Landscape as a genre of painting becomes conflated with still life as another genre and abstraction as another. I am entertaining the possibility of this slipperiness of belonging.